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Swift HQ Newsletter (Week-130)

Yesterday I stumble upon one video that really made me wonder why I became an engineer and a code enthusiast…

#TFW your code finally works… “I’m so proud of myself!!” 👏🙌 🙂 #HourOfCode

A video posted by (@codeorg) on

This is why we code, this is why we follow that idea and pursue it to conclusion.  The thrill to have a vision and make it reality…

I know I haven’t keep up with the newsletter as much as I would like to, but this sparked my interest into getting Swift and the possibilities of coding to as many people as we can.  If you are an avid coder and you see the video above, you definitely know what I mean…

Great to be back… Gabriel

Swift Tutorials and Articles for Week 130

image by: scyrene


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